Special-purpose pipes / telescope effect

We manufacture special-purpose pipes with the following cross-sections:

  • round
  • square
  • rectangular

Pipes made according to standards:

  • PN-EN 10305-3
  • PN-EN 10305-5

The basic types of pipes in our offer are:

  • Steel DC01
  • Steel E195
  • Steel E220
  • Steel E235
  • Steel E260
  • Steel E420

It is possible to make them on request from other types of steel being in the offer of Polish steelworks.
Our special pipes that have an inner welding seam removed are intended for a wide range of customers with a different scope of activity.

The designers have the opportunity to use the appropriate sizes of pipes for constructing telescopic mechanisms using slides and actuators from our offer.

The telescope effect is used by our customers in the furniture industry and by recipients manufacturing interior furnishings for the construction of adjustable tables or furniture.
The table below shows an example from our offer.
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Special pipe with square cross-section, calibrated, induction welded,
manufactured according to PN-EN 10305-5 (telescope effect),
Dimensions of interoperated pipes (telescope effect) Wall thickness [mm]
Outer dimension a x a [mm] Inner dimension a x a [mm] Outer dimension a x a [mm] 1,5 2
60 x 60 66 x 66 72 x 72