Cold rolled steel strip

The steel strip manufactured in our company is mainly used as a semi-finished product for its own production of pipes. The strip according to our production program is also used by our customers in the furniture industry and by recipients producing interior furnishings and household appliances.
The basic types of steel in our offer are:

  • Steel HC180 according to:: PN-EN 10130
  • Steel HC420 according to:: PN-EN 10268

It is possible to make them on request from other types of steel available in the offer of Polish steelworks. The strip is delivered in coils with an internal diameter of approx. 500 mm and outer diameter from 700 mm to 1500 mm.
We guarantee quality parameters according to the standard: PN-EN 10131
Depending on the agreement, the supplied strip can be protected against corrosion by:

  • Spray lubrication
  • Wrapping in paper
  • Wrapping in PE foil

The material can be packed and delivered on: standard pallets, pallets supplied by the customer, or without pallets.

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Strip width [mm] Strip thickness [mm]
0,4 0,5 0,6 0,7 0,8 1,0 1,2 1,5 2,0 2,5 3,0
15 – ……