The main objective of the operation in the CZERWIŃSKI Company, which proves its good position on the market and further development, is the manufacture of products with quality that meets the expectations of customers, while meeting the requirements resulting from environmental protection regulations.
The designated strategy related to the operation, development and improvement of management systems will be achieved by:

  • Meeting the requirements and continuous development and improvement of the Integrated Management System.
  • Doskonalenie technologii wytwarzania.
  • Improvement of manufacturing technology
  • Modernization of the machine park
  • Selection of suppliers and cooperation with them in the field of improving the quality of raw materials
  • Efficient waste management
  • Limiting the consumption of electricity and water
  • Continuous improvement of qualifications
  • Participation of all employees in the implementation of this policy
  • Providing means for the implementation of the above-mentioned activities

The quality of our services and the correctness of the applied technological processes has been confirmed by the certificates of Polish institutions and the trust of our clients.